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Instead of sending interesting articles to yourself to read later or saving them in an app, just email them to Idea Journal.

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Follow your interests in a more efficient and interactive way.

How to use IJ in 3 easy steps:


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Email interesting articles, inspiring ideas, or notes to think@idea-journal.com from any app. These are all categorized and summarized by IJ.


for online articles and blog posts, just email the link and IJ will get the associated content.


IJ will then email you a personalized Digest with a curated mix of articles and ideas based on your interests.

IJ's Methodology

Our approach to building Idea Journal uses research on creativity and innovation both as a source of inspiration and as a guide.*

There are two key findings that inform our approach:

1. History suggests that many of the breakthroughs in art, science, and business are the result of different ideas, perspectives, domains, and mediums mixing together. We want Idea Journal to be a kind of “collision engine for creativity” to help make this process more deliberate.

2. The most fertile environments for creative and innovative ideas often involve a tension between opposing tendencies (e.g., search versus discovery, order versus chaos), and we want the design and functionality of Idea Journal to reflect this.

*Here are some of the creativity and innovation researchers and practitioners whose work and findings have inspired us: Margaret Boden, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Edward de Bono, Steven Johnson, Mary Lou Maher, Sir Ken Robinson, Everett M. Rogers, and Piotr Wozniak, among others.

Our Team


We’re Cheo and Sherman, and we’re primarily motivated by one question: how can we use technology to be more creative?

Our proposed answer is Idea Journal.

Cheo Rose Washington

Cheo Rose-Washington

Co-founder & CEO

My name is Cheo and I believe ideas can change the world.

I have a passion for learning, and feel a sense of excitement whenever I come across a new idea. There are two core beliefs that underpin my interest in pursuing Idea Journal:

First, there’s value in variety. Whether reading, writing, meeting new people, or working in cross-functional roles, I’ve found that combining otherwise disparate perspectives can lead to new insights. I want Idea Journal to be a “collision engine for creativity.”

Second, ideas have the power to change our thinking, which can change our behavior, and ultimately, make us better as people.


Sherman Tan

Sherman Tan

Co-founder & CTO

My name is Sherman and I believe ideas can change the world.

I obsess with efficiency, and am passionate in making complicated things simpler. My motivations behind Idea Journal can be summarised in the 2 points below:

I strongly believe that Idea Journal can simplify the way we organize our thoughts. By "codifying" our thinking process, we can achieve our 10x ideas more quickly and efficiently.

Enhance our ability to consume the vast amounts of data to make us cognizant of the world around us. Knowledge is power.